The Warm Beach Vaulters is a team of committed young people dedicated to excellence in the sport of vaulting and in demonstrating teamwork, grace, and beauty in the community. Vaulting is the sport of dance and gymnastics performed in harmony with a moving horse. Rooted in horsemanship training of ancient Greece, vaulting is very popular in Europe and is commonly taught there alongside other riding disciplines. Introduced to the United States in the early 1970s, vaulting is a growing sport that uniquely combines horses, athleticism, and artistry. Discover more about the sport of equestrian vaulting, at the websites of the United States Equestrian Federation at and the American Vaulting Association at

In 2006, the Warm Beach Vaulters grew out of a camp vaulting program at Warm Beach Christian Camp and Conference Center in Stanwood Washinton. The Vaulting Program provides weekly lessons, opportunities for exhibition performances, and a chance for selection to the competition teams. Warm Beach Vaulters compete at every canter division as well as trot both individually and in teams of seven.  The Vaulters have competed throughout the West Coast as well as Denver CO and Lexington KY in both national and regional competitions.  In 2010, several Warm Beach Vaulters and their coach were invited to be part of the American Vaulting Association's Friendship Team, an exhbition team at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington Kentucy. In 2015, two Warm Beach Vaulters qualified for the American team at the Junior World Vaulting Championships in Ermelo, The Netherlands. Two other Warm Beach Vaulters performed in pairs competition at a Senior competition that occurred alongside the Junior World Championships. Regardless of whether a vaulter's aspirations are world competition or simply the joy of vaulting recreationally, they find a place in the Warm Beach Vaulters.

Vaulting encourages personal growth in teamwork, responsibiltiy, and communication in addiiton to providing amazing year-around sports and fitness opportunity. The Warm Beach Vaulters also seek to honor God through being positive, encouraging people and seeking ways to grow personally through every aspect of the sport.





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