Team2012Warm Beach Vaulters

a ministry of Warm Beach Camp

Our Mission:

To provide quality instruction and coaching in all aspects of the sport of vaulting while achieving excellence in the sport. We desire to do this within a loving and nurturing environment that will encourage students to grow spiritually and develop fully to their God given potential.

Our Goals:

- to enable each student to feel successful
- to teach each student teamwork and responsibility
- to help students grow in personal character and life skills

Why vaulting?

Vaulting is a unique sport that promotes balance, confidence and a oneness with the horse. During the lesson, the horse is controlled by an instructor (lounger), and the vaulter is assisted by another instructor (spotter). This gives the vaulter confidence and security as they try new moves. Even the most beginning vaulter is able to master several exercises in the first lesson, fostering feelings of accomplishment and pride.




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